Permutation and probability

<p>From those who have already taken the IIc, were there a lot of permutation and probability on the test? On the barrons, they have quite a few. thanx</p>

<p>probably a couple</p>

<p>Actually I don't think there were any of those problems on the IIC test today. Nothing at all like the probability of say:</p>

<p>Out of 11 boys and 13 girls, probability of forming a 7 member committee of 5 boys and 2 girls.</p>

<p>That would be (11 C 5 * 13 C 2)/24 C 7</p>

<p>Nothing at all like that.</p>

<p>wat does that mean? does it mean collegeboard don't test probability anymore? or does it mean there is going to be a lot of it on the next test?????:(</p>

<p>u can guess 1-2 questions at least on the next test</p>

<p>There was only 1 probability question on the test today. No permutations. But they had some really weird questions that I had NO idea, like a leaf-scale graph or something like that. I left out about 10... Grrrr hope i get at least a 770.</p>