personal experiences with UT??

<p>Hi there we are going to visit in Dec 10 and I was wondering if any parents or students could give me their run down of the school? My son is an honor student with many choices but UT is at the top of our list, which has a lot to do with its Biology dept. PLEASE share whatever you feel would be helpful, good and bad! Thanks!!</p>

<p>well no one replied but a ton of people viewed so I am going to post our experience and hope it helps someone.</p>

<p>We went for a visit in late Dec, 1st thing I noticed about Tampa (we are in Dallas) was a ton of traffic and a ton of panhandlers (illegal here so it stuck out). It is a vibrant metropolis, SO many things to do and see, you will never be bored. All the people we came in contact with were very friendly. The 2nd day we went to the school, had our tour and meeting with admin. My son loved it. Freshman dorms were nothing to speak of BUT they do have maid service, which he loved. The campus was very diverse culturally and they offer lots of opportunities socially and academically. All and all my son loved it and we felt safe and comfortable enough with what we saw/learned to send him there.</p>

<p>We stayed at a resort in Clearwater and the girls at the front desk raved about UT, said it had an excellent rep locally - they both went to North FL (said they could not afford UT) they travel to UT for soccer games and raved about the athletic facilities.</p>

<p>I'm a high school senior, but I've been to two UT open houses and I've applied and been admitted there.</p>

<p>Best thing, in my opinion: The school is at the top of my list because of the honors program. The opportunities through their Honors Program surpass the other Florida schools I've toured. UT is the only school in the southeast that offers a study abroad program at Oxford University. Three honors students are chosen each semester to study abroad at Oxford for no additional charge.</p>

<p>Worst thing, in my opinion: The school doesn't really have any national prestige. UT is one of my safety schools that I knew I could get into. The biggest thing that is holding me back from committing to attend is my concern that my degree from UT will not carry as much weight as one, say, from the University of Florida.</p>

<p>If you have specific questions, just let me know! :D</p>