personal/extracurricular recs

<p>did you all have to repeat the process of asking for personal recommendation forms for each school? I know you don't have to do this for the english, math and school report because most schools accept the common for of these recs, but personal recs are different. The formats between different schools rec forms are not similar at all. Did you all have to just have to put up with it and have your person of choice write a bunch of personal recs?</p>

<p>No - pick one form you like and use that one for all the schools. If that makes you uncomfortable, then white out the school name (and address) on the form before you give it to the teacher.</p>

<p>The recommendation forms are a guideline only - the teacher or coach could also just write a personal letter and that would be okay, too. So using someone else's form is not a problem.</p>

<p>Okay, thank you. So schools do not care if I don't use the forms they provide in their application?</p>

<p>Also, what is your experience with this? I mean, which schools accepted which forms? Like did most HADES schools or other big schools accept a personal rec form that wasnt their own?</p>

<p>I repeat: the schools DO NOT CARE, so use any form you like. They (and you) have more important things to think about. :)</p>