Personal Qualities vs. Writing Ability

<p>Which do you think is more important when writing a college essay: </p>

<p>a. Showing personal qualities
b. Showcasing your writing ability</p>

<p>I was just wondering on account of my essay focuses very little on myself yet it shows some pretty good writing skills. Keep in mind that I am not a super genius like some people on this site. So I'm not applying to the ivies or anything but I am still applying to some fairly high level schools (BU, University of Rochester, GW). I want to get some other opinions before I start changing it. Thanks alot.</p>

<p>Ideally, you want both. However, I would like to have a personal quality one more than a well written one that leaves me with no impression of the writer.</p>

<p>Go for both! If you're a great writer, it should show through in no matter what you write, so write about something personal, and let your abilities carry themselves.</p>

<p>personal. There are plenty of good/great writers out there, personality is what sets you apart</p>

<p>Writing ability, I'd say. But in order for it to be a good essay, it needs to do both.</p>

<p>PERSONAL! by far!</p>

<p>my own AP English teacher said this.</p>

<p>Colleges can know from essay contests, SAT II's, SAT I's, grades, and recommendations whether or not you can write.</p>

<p>The PURPOSE of a college essay is to say something about yourself.</p>

<p>personal, ideally you will have both, ALSO, many colleges are now speculating that the essays are not at the level of the average high school student, and as a result they are focusing more on the short-answer questions as a test of writing ability. This DOES NOT mean they won't look at your essay for writing ability--they definately will, but it's not their only source.</p>