Personal sayings and yak.

<p>Anyone want to share little nuggets of wisdom? Should be adages, etc, that one comes up with independently, though - no Meade's Maxim or anything.</p>

<p>Here's mine:</p>

<p>Theorem of Self-Esteem:</p>

<p>Let s = how smart one feels.
Let t = how much time one spends in school.
Let k = the amount of knowledge one accrues.
In all instances k and t, k<t.
Therefore, for all instances s, k, and t, s = k/t.</p>

<p>I suck at these, though, so am asking y'all to generate some insight/laughs.</p>

<p>Theory of Studying:</p>

<p>study = no fail
no study = fail</p>

<p>study + no study = fail + no fail
(1+no) study = (1+no) fail
study = fail</p>

<p>Thought it was kind of funny :P</p>

<p>zkevin i love that one
so we're destined for failure either way hahah</p>

<p>LOL, zkevin, much love!</p>