Personal Statement and Letter of Rec questions

<p>I'm confused because Bradley is on the Common app but on the common app, there is no section for a supplemental essay. But Bradley's website says there is a supplemental essay, and it tells me to apply by creating an account that isn't the common app.
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Also, when is the deadline for applications for it to automatically be considered for scholarships? Collegeboard says priority deadline is Feb 1st but i don't think it can be that late.
Also, for letters of rec, should i turn in all three? Two from teacher and one from counselor?</p>

<p>the supplemental essay is probably in the member questions- some schools don’t separate it out. Yes, i would send all three recs.</p>

<p>is the member questions part of the common app because i still don’t see the supplemental essay.
Also if you know, is the deadline for applications really Feb 1st? Because that’s what i read on collegeboard’s website for Bradley but it seems to be really late if that’s true.</p>

<p>yes member questions is part of common app. I was just looking at Bradley’s site and they may just be referring to the common app essay. Is there a question that asks you why you want to apply to Bradley? and one that asks about your background? if so, these are most likely the supplemental “essays”.</p>

<p>I see. Thanks</p>