personal statement topic?

<p>so im trying to brainstorm for my college essay and have so far come up with one possible</p>

<p>I have been working for a supermarket as a cashier for nearly three years now to support my single mom (dad died) pay for bills and necessities. the work is not interesting or anything but it does make me feel accomplished. I mean it makes me feel really good that I can help my mom despite being so young. also it makes me feel like the one good quality of my dad rubbed off on me in a way. </p>

<p>you see my dad was an alcoholic who quite frankly cannot really be viewed as a good man since he did what he wanted when he wanted. but in the end, he worked his ass off and always made sure food was on the table even if he was not there to eat it alongside me and the rest of my fam (he was out getting drunk) </p>

<p>so by talking about work I can incorporate the fact that my fam was and still is socioeconomically disadvantaged (poor is a bad word lol), my dad died and that damaged me in a way but I overcame it by working (idk), and I can include how being black and white has only made me feel more strongly about my identity (im biracial and where i work, people constantly think that im spanish or just white).</p>

<p>how does it sound? good essay topic? any suggestions are welcome (i need them!!! lol)</p>

<p>yeah i like it, its close to the heart so it should come out good. :)</p>