Personality of Bowdoin students

<p>What kind of personality do Bowdoin students generally have? Are they really type A, or is there more of a laid-back quality in the student body? Is it really preppy? Are there any significant political leanings?</p>

<p>Somewhat preppy. Not type A - more laid back but it is all relative.
Outdoor activity is very big - they have their own building for the outdoor club. Politics - probably a left of the center but not too left, I think. Btw, it is an excellent college.</p>

<p>Parent of Bowdoin alum, so it's not from direct experience. Hope others can provide more information in depth.</p>

<p>I'd agree somewhat with Lizzy.</p>

<p>Politically, the democrats outnumber the repiblicans by a lot on campus. There are rabid republicans, there are rabid democrats. If you want to get involved in a big debate over politics, you can easily. If you're apathetic and you don't want to hear about it, you don't have to. I would say that overall the college is quite liberal, but not obnoxiously so. </p>

<p>Very laid back, lots of extremely smart people, but we can take the time to watch a movie on a weeknight and order pizza instead of studying frantically. There are all types - sports, theater, anything you want you can find here. Hope that was somewhat helpful.</p>