"Personality" of the Honors Dorm

Hi, I was wondering whether the students in the honors dorms socialize. My daughter is considering Miami and is concerned that if she is in the honors dorm nobody will leave their rooms and she will struggle to find likeminded friends who enjoy going out.

Thanks in advance!

I think this is the first year with all the Honors students together, so it might be hard to know, but smart kids like to socialize too! :slight_smile: Hopefully, they will stay in their rooms some mid-terms and finals, but they have lots of “mixers” and such that first month of college. Your daughter will find her group sure enough.

My son will be bringing his car (incentive to accept Miami) because I know he will want to see a movie or go into Cincy to watch a game or something. He’s an introvert in that he doesn’t like to initiate the fun, but he will join in when asked. LOL!

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The students in honors dorms definitely socialize. My freshman lived in one of the honors dorms this year. She was not interested in going Greek, but many Freshman in honors did. This was of course a strange year, but traditionally Miami offers so much. They have more organizations than you can imagine and their MAP program is so great. If a kid goes to MU and is bored, it is definitely on them. Like all dorms there are activities the RAs do too.

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