Personalized letters?

<p>I've already seen that admitted students get a personalized letter, i.e. a standard letter with a small personal note in the end, do you think that they also have different waitlist/reject letters? I will post mine here, if someone got a different letter, please post it :)</p>

Dear Andres,</p>

<p>On behalf of the staff, faculty and students on the Admission Committee, I
would like to thank you for the time and effort taken in completing your
application to Caltech. It is with regret that the Admissions Committee is
unable to offer you a place in Caltech's Class of 2012.</p>

<p>Given the number of highly qualified students who apply to Caltech each year
and the very few places available, many talented students must be turned away.</p>

<p>In light of the outstanding achievements and credentials you presented to
Caltech, we have no doubt that you will have tremendous success as you pursue a
demanding collegiate education. I encourage you to pursue your educational
options with the same thoughtfulness with which you considered Caltech.</p>


<p>Richard W. Bischoff
Director of Admissions


<p>Admitted students all got the same letter, with a handwritten aside.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure that only the acceptances are personalized, and even then I've heard that some acceptances were form letters without any personalized comments.</p>

<p>Well, in a sense, putting your name on that letter requires some degree personalization :|</p>