perspective essay

<p>for the main supplemental essay, which is basically, "what unique perspective can you bring to Rice?" I'm a little bit stumped. i know, i know, its totally last minute. i've had a couple ideas which i've developed, the last of which was about my politcal views. getting into rice though has become more and more important to me as I realize how perfect it is. now, i'm psyching myself out, feeling like I have to write some perfect essay. how important is the supplemental essay? can anyone else tell me what they wrote about, just so I can gauge whether I'm heding down the right path?</p>

<p>or if any current rice students or grads would be willing to look over my essay and give me their basic reaction, that would be great too. (though I don't actually know how that works, I've just seen others make the same request and decided I'd try it too.)</p>

<p>Write about YOU and YOUR perspective. Each of us has unique thoughts, interests and contributions to the community. There is no right answer.</p>