Perspective on admissions

<p>4.05 GPA/4.0333
5 AP's taken/ all fives
34 ACT
2250 SAT (all subsections above 700, no 800's)
rank 9/450</p>

<p>Hispanic from mid-west</p>

<p>Will try for questbridge</p>

<p>captain of two sports
All-region in both, all state in one
will have 7 varsity letters at end of high school

<p>If you are taking a very rigorous schedule compared to other students, you have a shot at any school.
Chance me please
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<p>Alright sorry, I tried to edit the post, but the edit time limit timed out while I was editing it.</p>

<p>Anyways, this is kind of important:</p>

<p>Schools I'm looking at: Harvard, Princeton,Notre Dame, Stanford, Dartmouth, Penn-Wharton. I already know my financial safety. I would be fine going there if I didn't get into these schools.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>