Perspectives On Pomona Class of 2025 (POP)

Anyone else applying to POP this year? If one gets into POP, does your chance of getting into Pomona increase?

I went to POP last year and am now going to be attending Pomona in 2021 because I deferred enrollment. If you’re accepted to POP, it’s not so much that your chances increase, but it just means that you are already the kind of student they’re looking for. When we were there they mentioned how the acceptance rate for POP was similar to the acceptance rate of Pomona itself, so all the POP attendees already made it through a selective process. The acceptance rate for POP students in the year before mine was 80%.

Hi this helps a lot thank you! Also, since you mentioned that the acceptance rate for pop was low, do you mean 8% instead of 80%?

Hello do you know when we get our decisions on our applications back? I thought it was supposed to be today.

D’s got accepted, the email came today at 4:30 pm Pacific.
WOW didn’t like her enough but who needs Williams if Pomona wants her!
Corks will be POPing tonight!

@ArtsyKidDad Congrats to your D! Pomona seems like an amazing place.

FWIW, my D didn’t get into WOW last year and was accepted RD.

@gotham_mom Thank you. When we visited Pomona before the bug, it was puppy love at the first sight.

Congrats to your D @ArtsyKidDad! My D was accepted too. Very happy!

@Aquarian100 Thank you, congratulations to your daughter as well. Is she signing up for the optional interview?

I think so. Do you know if it’s the same as the regular interviews- or is it an interview that takes place during POP?

I don’t know, I assumed it’d be happening during POP but I didn’t verify it because I didn’t see much difference.
As Picolisimo wrote: " If you’re accepted to POP […] it just means that you are already the kind of student they’re looking for." So I would hope the interview is a chance to cement that impression, and that it is a little more than their regular interview. As you know, Pomona completely deflates the relevance of their regular interviews. From their site:
“Since we do not track demonstrated interest, interviewing does not advantage you in the admissions process.”

@ArtsyKidDad Have you heard anything back about dates/times yet? We have not.

@Aquarian100 No, we emailed them yesterday because we didn’t even have the registration confirmation. They confirmed the registration after about 8 hrs but without a single word of response to other questions re. the program particulars! Not that I’m trying to find excuses for them but COVID + awful air quality might have something to do with it

@ArtsyKidDad Thanks. I was wondering if we had missed something! I was hoping to fine tune some scheduling. But yes, external events are certainly challenging these days!

Hello again @ArtsyKidDad … still no word from Pomona about details. Wondering what’s up… any news on your end?

@ArtsyKidDad update— she got the email giving her the day (but not times)

Same, just the email about interview opportunities. Thanks for your update

@Aquarian100 How did you daughter like PoP?
We are almost sure now our D will apply ED1 there, the impression was so positive.

Hi @ArtsyKidDad She enjoyed it! Trying to figure out if I can PM you. Wanted to get your thoughts on pop admission this year. Otherwise I can post here.