Persuing a Carreer in Nanotechnology

<p>I am a Junior in High school, In Etowah,TN. I can claim residency in either TN, or in FL. I want to persue a career in Nanotechnology, and if possible I want to go in either of those two states. I can not afford to go to an out of state school like Georgia Tech. Would anyone know of any real good nano tech programs in TN, or in FL.? Preferably a larger school.</p>

<p>University of Florida has a group focused on nanotoxicology and a group focused on nano-bio sensors. Maybe more.</p>

<p>You should apply to good schools in the area you're interested and then consider your financial situation after merit and financial aid awards are made.</p>

<p>Look into Cincinnati's</a> undergrad program in nanotechnology; ranked</a> #2.</p>