Petroleum Engineering

I want to be a Petroleum Engineer but I do not want to be constantly moving and going to different countries. I have been looking through the discussions and have not been able to find an answer to a couple of questions. If i do become a Petroleum Engineer do I have to move to a different state or country or can I stay in New Jersey. And lastly if I were to stay in my state would I be able to make the same amount of money as someone who was moving and going to different countries. If it is different could you tell me how much of a pay cut it is. Thank you

You cannot stay in New Jersey. Think about it. What does a petroleum engineer do? What is petroleum? Oil. Where is oil found. Not near New Jersey, that’s for sure. Move to Texas or Louisiana, somewhere near the Gulf. You don’t have to go to different countries. You could be involved in research at a university though(pay cut is maybe half). Most petroleum engineers work on oil rigs for months/years at a time. They make amazing money. The job is hazardous. You will never see your family. You might die. You could make a mistake and get fired and never get another job. Also, if you want to do research at a university as a petroleum engineer, there is no option in New Jersey. There’s no oil nearby, therefore no resources, and no reason to conduct research that would benefit the state. You have to move somewhere else.