PG (Post-Graduate) Year?

<p>It would be interesting to hear from those here who were PGs or who are thinking about applying to become a PG at BS:</p>

<li><p>What were the reasons why you elected to do a PG year? I keep hearing that many PGs chose the extra year PRIMARILY in order to try and improve their college admissions chances or improve their athletic record. Academic interests were secondary.</p></li>
<li><p>What was the PG experience like? With only one year at BS, how hard was it to make friends and fit into the school? Were teachers supportive or were they dismissive, knowing that the PG contribution to the school was likely to be limited?</p></li>
<li><p>For those who did the PG year, what were the good points and bad points? Did spending the extra year in high school actually accomplish something valuable for you?</p></li>


<p>i havent done a pg year but i do work in the admission office at PEA as a student tour guide/officer assistant so i talk to a lot of prospective pg's. just a few thoughts/insights:</p>

<p>-95% of the pg applicants that I have toured are interested in getting a year better/bigger/stronger/faster before going to college. i met one purely academic pg applicant but he didnt get in (dont know how he did at other boarding schools). academics are secondary, but they are important.
-early on, a lot of the pg's make friends with other pg's because they practice together and live together in smaller houses rather than large dorms. however, as the year goes on, many branch out and become a "factor" on campus. they definately fit in, especially male pg's with the younger female population..
-teachers here arent dismissive of the pg's unless they neglect their studies. if you are engaged/hard working, you will be an appreciated part of the classroom.</p>