PH 112 Waitlist

<p>I have a hard time hearing Reingold at the beginning of class since people are always moving around and yelling and his voice is so quiet...</p>

<p>Has he said if everyone is getting off the waitlist? He mentioned on Tuesday, but I couldnt hear anything.</p>

<p>shoot, if you're still on the waitlist, I feel for you. I got a CEC for the class from dr. gordon like two weeks ago; and if I remember correctly, I was 18th on the waitlist. </p>

<p>It IS so hard to hear the guy even when its not the beginning of class. I don't know about tuesday, but i don't think he mentioned anything about the waitlist today. And they didn't even seem to pass around the waitlist sign in sheet (unless they merged the waitlist sign in sheet with the enrolled sign-in sheet).</p>