phage genomic research?

<p>can someone tell me more about the class? like is it difficult, a lot of extra work, what else is in that program besides lab work...</p>

<p>It's a research course, so you must send in an application and get personal faculty member permission to take it. As a freshman you'll probably want to wait until you get to campus and talk to the faculty member in charge. Google says that man is Eric Grotzinger in the MCS dean's office.</p>

<p>Generally, according to my MCS roomie, research courses involve work in the field. So you'll be obtaining samples, writing reports, conducting novel calculations and all that sort of sciencey goodness. It's a level 100 course so it's probably more of an introduction to lab work than an actual lab work course.</p>

<p>Thank you completelykate! your so helpful on these forums :)</p>

<p>you might still be able to get in, but i think the application deadline was quite awhile ago, at least for mcs students.</p>

<p>I already got in, but I wanted to know what's the real level of workload, and focus the course needed, not what's in the brochure. especially now that I see my schedule.</p>

<p>from what I remember from Dr. Grotzinger and Dr. Braun told me @ CMU orientation, they said the class doesnt involve much work outside the class
if i heard them correctly, i think they were trying to imply the course is mostly in-class lab work. this makes sense because I did similar genomic research project during my high school and it didnt involve work outside the class at all</p>

<p>btw ill be part of the course too, so nice to meet you early haha</p>