pharamacy technician?

does anyone know how to become a pharmacy technician?

I did my certification through the PTCB, which provides helpful information on the requirements to sit for the certification exam:

After you’re certified through the PTCB or another board, you’ll likely have to complete an licensure application in the state you want to work in, and this information can be found online by searching “state name pharmacy technician licensure” in Google.

Hope that helps!

The Bureau of Labor has the statistics on Pharmacy Technicians:

My daughter is in a UC graduate medical program for pharmacy. She works part-time as a pharmacy tech. The hours, pay and work environment can be challenging and tough as a pharm tech. Before you embark on such a program, you may want to do an observation.

In our area CVS is hiring and they will get you certified. I think Riteaid does that as well.

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