[Pharm D] St. John's c/o 2022

Hello! has anyone applied to SJU’s 6-year pharmacy program?
I applied EA! Let’s all discuss stuff here. :slight_smile: did anybody hear back yet?

My DD was accepted and offered a presidential scholarship- heard by email in mid December, then received the scholarship info a couple weeks later. Waiting to hear from other schools before deciding to attend.

@mitchey I see. Congratulations! :slight_smile: When did she apply?

I think it was late November when she applied.

I received a full ride scholarship for the Pharm D program at St.Johns recently!

EA 1450 (E650 M800) 95, and i received full scholarship

had a 1520 (E 820 M 800) and a uw 3.7. got 24k / year :frowning: probably not going because I didn’t get a full scholarship and SJU is so much $$$…