Pharmacy: 2 years or 4 when money comes into play?

<p>My college offers a pharmacy prep program that is generally completed in two years and then students apply to the professional school. When I received a generous scholarship from my school of choice, I was very happy as I thought it would not apply to professional Pharm. school, only undergrad and thus would allow me to complete a cheap four year bio degree, take elective japanese courses (starting at 301 level), etc. Now, I have learned my scholarship can apply to the Pharm. school costs if I spend less than the four year peroid as an undergrad. The thing is, if I do the two year program as opposed my orginal plan of the degree I won't be able to take j like apanese because it conflicts with the Gen. Chem I have to take my 1st year. I want to take Japanese, but I also want to graduate with minimal debt and getting a pharm.d in 6 years as opposed to eight would lower that amount substantially (parents plan to help---but not completely pay--for pharm. school).</p>

<p>To make matters worse, I can't yet get my AP scores from this year as I appear not to exist to the AP program (Heck, I don't even know if my tests got there--CB refuses to trace before July5 ), abd the tests could both opt. my out of general bio and fulfill to pre-pharm requirements if I get 3s or above; this obvisously affects my scheduling.</p>

<p>I like the option where I can take Chem. 161 in the spring and 162 in the summer, but my parents don't like the idea of me going to school over the summer and its not a 100% certain if they will offer 162 in the fall, though they geneally seem to because of the kids that half to take a semster of prepatory chem.</p>


<p>Have you been assigned an academic advisor yet? I think you should definitely try to talk to him/her and also someone from the pharmacy program. They will know the specifics of scheduling at your school and should be able to help you come up with a plan. </p>

<p>Undergrad is the time to try different things. If you are interested in Japanese, you should give it a try. Perhaps you can postpone it until your soph year if there is a scheduling conflict. I know a student at RIT who was very intersted in Japanese, but kept getting shut out of the classes until 2nd quarter soph year. He is very glad he persisted, loves it and is looking to do a co-op in Japan this year. Good luck.</p>