Pharmacy Early Entry and Honors College

What are the benefits and drawbacks of being in Early Entry and Honors College? Basically I guess we were wondering: are there so many requirements (courses to take and participation in activites) that it is difficult to maintain the grades and requirements if you are in both programs.

Also how many people typically apply for Early Entry?

@dbcbs5 It all really depends on the student. Some students have chosen to complete the Honors College while being in early entry because they want to do the research and thesis which will ultimately help them later in pharmacy school. Others choose not to do so. It’s a totally personal choice. The grades you have to maintain in Honors would likely be in line with what the School of Pharmacy would expect you to maintain. Review the requirements for both programs and consider if you want to participate in both. I would recommend both.

thanks @collegeguider we just wanted to make sure that the Honor College didn’t require certain classes or such on top of what is already required for EE.