Pharmacy Freshman Profs?

<p>Do you guys have any opinions towards the following teachers?
- Potts-Santone for Biology
- Kirss, Witten and Davies for Chemistry (one teacher each for lecture, lab and recitation)
- Gruber for Psychology
- Cook for College Writing
- Khaw for Intro to College</p>

<p>I think I remember someone posting about Potts-Santone, Witten and Davies, but I can't locate the thread, so any link to the threads will be appreciated!</p>

<p>I had both Kirss and Davies for chem, and potts-santone for biology.</p>

<p>Biology is a weed out class. The material isn't difficult but her exams are very detail oriented. Gen Bio I (pharm majors don't have to take bio II I thhhhink) is pretty basic... the concepts are easy (shocking: amino acids make up DNA, DNA makes up genes!) but you'll need to know the nit-picky details to do well on the exams. If you study it's not tough to get a good grade, but DO study because you're competing with neurotic freshman pre-meds.</p>

<p>Witten is supposed to be terrible, and I would avoid him. Kirss and Davies were both pretty easy... I preferred Kirss but only because Davies spends most of class telling stories. Cool old man and not a bad prof, but I felt like class was a waste because we only spend 1/2 the class actually learning chemistry.</p>

<p>There are a gazillion college writing professors, so I would be surprised if anyone is familiar with cook. As far as intro to college, the class is a total joke most of the time and the prof won't really make a difference.</p>

<p>Don't know Gruber, probably a newer professor, but intro to psych shouldn't be a problem regardless.</p>

<p>Well, I have Witten for labs, Kirss for lectures and Davies for recitations, so it shouldn't be too bad, I assume?</p>

<p>For Biology, though, what type of questions does she put in for exams? Are they more of application-based questions or 'concept memorizing' questions?</p>

<p>Ah, yeah Witten is just the director of chem labs, he won't actually be your professor. Science labs are taught by TAs and not professors, so when you go to labs you have a grad student supervising and grading your lab reports. You'll see Witten once, on the first day, when he does the safety speech, but otherwise it's all TA.</p>

<p>Potts-santone's exams are multiple choice and largely just memorization. I don't remember any more specifically (I took that course like 3 years ago and promptly blocked out everything I had learned) but ratemyprof has lots of reviews about her so will have some hints on how to study for her exams.</p>

<p>I'm a first year pharm student, but all I have so far is the schedule (from orientation). Do you know how to view your profs, through myneu or whatever?</p>

<p>If you go onto myNEU and click on the self-service tab, there's a link that says "My Schedule" click that and it should bring up a window of your schedule along with your professors' names. Once you have their names, you can go to ratemyprofessor (.com) and find their ratings.</p>