Pharmacy Interview?

So from your experience, what’s it like? Anyone a Purdue Pharm student that has experience with this kind of stuff? Is it a group interview or personal? I am not very good with public speaking but if it is 1 on 1, its more doable

I would think it’s one on one. You might want to go to career services at your school and have them do mock interviews with you. And a public speaking class might not be a bad idea either.

comms101 is available so i’ll prob take that. thanks for the advice. hopefully the class gets me ready for it

I think it would definitely help!

My daughter is a Purdue Pharmacy student. It is a one on one interview. There are other parts to the interview process as well. There is a part where a group of prospective students sit with a current pharmacy student in an informal discussion group, make sure to participate because these students report back notes on each student to the deciding board. There is also a part where they do a video interview, it is an oral communication exercise. And then there is an english quiz/ writing part during the interview day