Pharmacy School Admissions

<p>Do pharmacy schools look at courses you took from all of the colleges you've ever attended or the main one? For example, if you went to college A but transfered after first semester to college B and stayed at B for the rest of your college career, do they still look at courses and grades from college A?</p>

<p>Your best bet would be to contact the admissions offices of the schools that you are interested in attending and ask them directly, because every college is different. However, all of the pharmacy schools that I applied to (I'm just starting my first year, so I just got done applying) did require me to send all transcripts from all schools I attended. If your schools require you to fill out a PharmCAS, you have to fill in all of your grades from all of your classes, and then you generally have to fill out your grades for the prerequisite classes again in the supplemental application. Redundant, yes. I believe that in most of my applications (it may have been on the PharmCAS) there was a space to explain why you may have done poorly a certain semester or at a certain school if that's what you're concerned about. So in short, yes, they will still look at your grades from that first semester.</p>