Pharmacy School

Hi I’m a current high school student and I really want to become a pharmacist. I have a few questions:
Is it a good idea to apply to pharmacy school right after high school?
What should my high school gpa be in order for me to get into one of these pharmacy schools?
What California schools offer pre-pharmacy programs?
If I choose to get my bachelors first, what school should I get it from?
What are possible majors if I choose to get my bachelors degree first?

You should try and go to the most affordable school. Start looking at your instate programs.
There are public or private universities that might give merit to good students.
Some have 0-6 year programs, some 2+4 pre-pharmacy/pharmacy programs.
You don’t need to have a bachelor’s degree for all pharmacy schools. Some just require 2-3 years worth of prerequisites.

Biochemistry could be a good major for a bachelor’s degree.
I would encourage you to get a job in a pharmacy or shadow a pharmacist to make sure the career appeals to you.

do you know of any 0-6 programs in cali universities