Pharmacy Student Application Question (Out of State)

Hello beautiful world of College Confidential!

I just submitted my application for Early Action at UNC-Chapel Hill.

I was actually able to take a standardized test this year but unfortunately my results were not what I was hoping for based on the schools I am applying to. My superscore is a 31 on the ACT with a 27 Math, 30 Science, 33 English, and 35 Reading. I have a very busy rest of this semester planned and am unable to take a standardized test again. My SAT is a 1340 with equal scores of 670 for both math and reading, which I was shocked by due to my 5 months of intense studying for both tests and higher practice test scores.

I am a competitive applicant for all other categories and as someone hoping to go into their Pharmacy program, my math and science scores are not up to par especially for OOS. I am just not good at test taking.

I have already sent them AP Scores for Calc BC, Chemistry, Literature, Psychology, Human Geography, and Macroeconomics. I am also waiting on 3 SAT subject test scores (Bio, Chem, Lit).

Should I send them my ACT just as another helpful statistic to give more insight? I have seen many people get in OOS with a 31 ACT but this year, only the best scores are being submitted. I never know what colleges want and this year it is especially hard to understand.

Thanks for your time to read this! I wish you all the best of luck in getting into your colleges <3