Pharmacy: URI or Ohio Northern?

Hi guys! I have been accepted to both URI and ONU.

URI has always been my dream school. However, I have to pay around 23k for tuition and will be around $96k in debt. I love the location, and I heard the pharmacy building is newly built. It’s in the city, so there would probably be more internships and work opportunities. If I were to go here, I would probably have to work during summer break to earn my tuition, so I would have to juggle between work, internship, and studying. URI also has a much higher rank and better reputation.

For ONU, I would only have to pay $15k, which is a lot cheaper, but my debt would be around $101k. But I really dislike the location. It has a really good program though, and I really like that they offer nine 1 month rotations to help find the kind of work that would really suit me. They also have a small class size.

Both schools have really high NAPLEX passing rate of 94% +. Does anyone know more about any of the 2 schools? What about their employment and residency rate?

Please help :frowning:

It seems you are comparing a 4 year program with a 6 year program. What can you do with a 4 year pharm degree?

URI’s program has an excellent reputation. It is not, however, in a city. It’s very suburban, and close to the beach in Narragansett.

They’re both 0+6!

But I only get four years for URI with this info:

Why does paying more yearly for URI result in lower debt?