Does studying for a PharmD limit one’s application to medical school? Do they look favorable upon the PharmD or is it a hinderance?

Thank you!

You can take pharmacy school prerequisites along with premed study. Most are pretty similar.
But at some time you will need to decide whether you want to continue with four years of pharmacy school or medical school. Unless you want to go to pharmacy school, and then to medical school, which would take a long time.
Both doctors and pharmacists are important in the healthcare system.

I seem to remember that Rutgers has a combined program.

Med schools will want to know why you want to apply to med school after you just spent four years learning (and paying tuition) to become a pharmacist. Some consider such a thing as a waste of resources or the applicant’s inability to focus.

It’s not an admission killer, but no med school considers having a PharmD as being advantageous for a future MD or DO.

Having said that, one kid who graduated a year before my daughter (with a PharmD) did successfully become admitted to med school.