PharmD pharmacy programs: University of Rhode Island (URI) vs. Butler University

I got into the pharmD program at both URI and Butler but I am wondering which one is better. The URI’s program is 0-6: No prepharmacy requirements for admission, while Butler is early assurance with 4 years: Preprofessional study required.

University of Rhode Island-
Our Pharm.D. is a 0-6 program. As an entering freshman, you maintain eligibility for entry into the four professional years provided you have a 2.5 GPA in required science and math courses after three semesters, with no grade below C-, and successfully pass an interview during the fourth semester. You must continue to have a minimum 2.5 GPA in required science courses with no grade less than a C- at the end of your fourth semester.

First two-year curriculum for all Pharmacy programs (Pre-Pharmacy) is required and then Doctor of Pharmacy (Years 3-6). Total of 8 years I guess.

Which one is a better school in general and which is a better school for the pharmacy program?

Are you in-state for URI? Is money a concern? You want to limit your debt burden in light of today’s uncertain pharmacy job market. If you maintain the grades/requirements for Butler it will be a 6 year program, not 8.

I am out of state and money is not a big concern for me. Do you know which program will offer me a better experience for the pharmd track?

Look at the tuition rates for all 6 years. It does make a difference.

@taskmstrx is absolutely correct.
My dd is in an expensive pharmacy program. We told her that we could NOT afford the full costs, so she is risking taking out loans. We’re paying half and she’s paying half, and we’re INSTATE with ridiculous public university fees!
It’s now on her. The uncertainty of the market is scary.