PharmD Schools

Hi, I’m an American student who’s going to apply for pharmacy school. Which one is the better option: UF, UNC, or UBC? I’m wondering the student experience as well as cheapest option.

@someoneanswerplz I don’t go to any of the schools above, and it would be more beneficial to you to post this in one of the school-specific threads where people there know about the school, or if there is a graduate study thread on CC. :smile:

A PharmD is a graduate degree in the US, so this is something that you will complete after your undergraduate degree. I am assuming you have completed your undergraduate degree, if not, some schools offer guaranteed admission PharmD programs combining your undergraduate and graduate study. Without taking into account scholarships and financial aid, your in-state school will be the cheapest, as tuition rates are usually subsidized at public (government funded) schools.

However, some out of state schools will offer merit scholarships or financial aid packages. If you’re interested in all of these schools, I recommend that you apply and compare them after being admitted/receipt of a financial aid package. Note though, that the very competitive out of state schools (like UNC, UVA etc.) and international schools (UBC, UToronto etc.) tend to offer very few, if any, merit scholarships to out of state or international students (though UNC and UVA both meet full demonstrated need for UNDERGRADUATE students.) This is especially true for graduate professional study, where public schools out of state can cost almost as much as a private school. Also, federal loans cannot be taken at ALL international schools, so make sure that the US Government allows American students to take federal financial aid loans at UBC.

Hope this helps! Good luck with admissions!

What state are you a resident of? That will likely be your cheapest and best option. Pharmacist salaries are falling and the job market is tough right now. You will benefit from having as little debt as a possible when you graduate.