Phase 2 stats 134?

<p>Do all 3 classes fill up fast? My phase 2 is Dec 1</p>

<p>I’m guessing Prof Purves’ section will fill up last. He’s known as the most difficult of the three stat profs there.</p>

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<p>Why is Purves known as the hardest? He gets the best reviews from ninjacourses, but nothing’s displayed on myEdu. However, Purves gave around only 20% As for two other classes. Klass seems to be easiest (class filled up instantly), and nothing’s displayed for Lugo. Would it be better to just enroll with Lugo?</p>

<p>Check the reviews on When I started out at Cal, people (hearsay and CC forum threads) warned me not to take stat with Prof Purves. The reviews say that his exams are all application and nothing like the textbook that he wrote, which reads like a kindergarten primer. I actually liked the class though, so I wouldn’t trust ratemyprof as fact (though some students do).</p>