Decisions for PhD have not yet disclosed. PhD from any discipline whether national or international students. Classes are going to start in September, its already mid March and yet no decision has been disclosed.
Has anyone received a decision of PhD for Fall 2021?

Patience, grasshopper! it’s not “already” mid-March, it’s “just” mid-March. You’ll be hearing over the next 2-3 weeks.

grasshoper back again :crazy_face:
its past mid-march now. and u predicted 2-3weeks. seems like decision will be released in April.

LOL hang in there :slight_smile: results are coming! I know the wait is hard…

are you also waiting for decision? wht majors have u appplied to?

Not waiting but part of a faculty committee (engineering), and went through it last year with gradschoolkid, so am entirely sympathetic!

Glad to hear it. I also applied to engineering phd progrm. Take all the time the committee needs. Thanks for the help and the update. grasshopper flies away

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