Phd in Psychology - Can't Find Research Professor

So, if I can’t find a research professor to take me under their wing, will it make my application weaker? I’m trying to pursue a PhD in Psychology

Do all the programs you are applying to require you to line up support in advance from a particular professor? Because sometimes you just need to have some interests in common with several faculty and the program wants you to learn more about available research projects after you arrive. I assume this varies by program.

If you are admitted to a PhD research program in the US, then at least one of the faculty members on the admission team thinks you are a good match for his or her group.

Depending on the program possibly.

Although at many psychology PhD programs you technically don’t have to have communicated with a professor beforehand, it does strengthen your application if you have a professor in your corner. And at many others, it’s sort of a tacit (or, in a few cases, explicit) requirement to have corresponded with a professor first.

I’d suggest finding PhD programs at which there are 2-3 professors whose research interests are somewhat aligned with yours. With the professors whose work really resonates with you, you might consider trying to establish correspondence/the beginning of a relationship.