PhD/Masters Program for Neuroscience/Biopsych

<p>Does anyone know a good PhD/Master program for Neuroscience/Biopsychology?
I'm still a sophomore working on bachelor's degree, but want to look at my options early.</p>

<p>There's always USNWR if you are looking for a general idea of the very top:</p>

<p>Behavioral Neuroscience (seems more psychology):</p>

<p>Best</a> Behavioral Neuroscience Programs | Top Psychology Schools | US News Best Graduate Schools</p>

<p>Neuroscience/ Neurobiology (seems more biology side):</p>

<p>Best</a> Neuroscience and Neurobiology Programs | Top Science Schools | US News Best Graduate Schools</p>

<p>Best advice if you want to go Masters/ PhD in these besides making top grades is getting involved in research in undergrad early.</p>