Phd Poli Sci?

<p>What are my chances for admission? I applied to Berkeley, Princeton, Illinois, Michigan, WashU, Rochester.</p>

<p>GPA 3.95
GRE 620V 800Q 6.0W
Univ. of Memphis (barely ranked in the top 100 if at all)
Published in undergrad journal in poli sci (this is also my writing sample)
Major in Political Science, International Studies, Economics, and German
Writing a senior thesis on Greek debt crisis; traveling to Brussels in March to carry out research
Invited to several conferences for my senior thesis
Rec writers: Chair of Dept from Princeton; Asst Prof from Michigan; Asst prof from Colorado State. All letters should be excellent</p>

<p>Trying to do political economy/methods. I've taken 3 semesters of Calc, plus 2 graduate econ-math courses. Will be taking Econometrics and our graduate intl political economy class in the spring, even though I'm still in undergrad.</p>

<p>Also have a hodgepodge of related activity: Research Internship in DC at Woodrow Wilson Center; 4 months abroad in 2 trips to Germany (this explains the 3.95 GPA instead of 4.0); multiple tutoring jobs. </p>

<p>Any advice would be highly appreciated!
Any advice would be appreciated!</p>