Phil 25A before 25B?


<p>I was planning on taking 12A and 25A for summer session, but I just realized that 25A is offered in the Fall only and 25B in the spring. So that means if I take 25a in the summer then I wont be able to take 25B right after, I would have to wait an entire semester. So does it really matter what order you take these two courses in? Also are there any pre-reqs for Philosophical methods(100) that I should know about? There is nothing listed on the site but someone on these forums mentioned that the pre-req for 100 was taking two of the four courses: 2, 4, 25a, 25b.</p>

<p>thank you</p>

<p>25A and 25B are not related and they're not prerequisites for each other at all. They're just independent classes (Ancient and Modern) if I recall correctly.</p>