Phildelphia U are you happy there?

<p>Hi, I am a future applicant and I was looking for some feedback from current students or anyone who may have attended. My concern is with the size of the school and possible lack of things to do, when I'm not working and people to do them with?
What is the quality and availability of the professors? Can you point out any things that you may have liked or disliked.</p>


<p>S just got back from accepted engineering student day. We were all very impressed. Professors all very approachable and an admissions staff that knows applicants by name and bends over backwards to accommodate even special requests. Still waiting to hear final financial aid numbers but certainly are headed in the right direction. Beautiful campus and outgoing students who genuinely seem to enjoy going there. Opportunities to work on industry problems (and even register patents) as an undergraduate. We were concerned about the small size of the engineering department, but got all the right answers about how they administer the program and saw how much personal contact students get with the professors. </p>

<p>DS was waiting to hear from Lafayette before deciding. Accepted to Lafayette, but choosing PhilaU based on major and FA. Go Rams.</p>