Phildelphia U merger with Thomas Jefferson U--premed?

These are really two topics, but maybe they can be addressed together.

  • Inside Higher Ed is reporting that these two schools will be merging (Philadelphia U and Thomas Jefferson U). Does anyone have any insight into this?
  • Does any one have any insight into what it might be like to do premed at philadelphia U? They offered it before the recently announced merger.

Premed is an advisory track. As long as Philadelphia can issue you an accredited diploma, you can be “premed”.

Premed is a cocktail of med school pre-req classes, your taking the MCAT and getting rec letters. 99% of accredited 4 year colleges can fulfill this need.

Thank you @T26E4. I am hoping to hear about how well Philadelphia U prepares students. That it’s merging with a med school (I’m pretty sure) maybe means that the quality of education is fairly good . … .? It’s hard to know from where I’m typing.

The changes of a university’s medical school have very little impact with the normal undergraduate’s pre-med preparation – taking Chem, Org Chem, Calc, MCAT prep, etc.

The presence of a nearby med school can allow for meaningful voluntarism or research – but have little impact with preparing students to apply successfully to medical schools, one day.

I’m sure that the contents of the Organic Chemistry taught at Philadelphia is 98% similar to what’s taught at Stanford or Johns Hopkins or Yale.

Thank you @T26E4