Phillips Academy Summer Session Stats

<p>Hi everyone, I wanted to apply to the Phillips Academy Summer Session, but didn't want to pay the $65 and get rejected. So I was wondering if anyone who got accepted to the program could post their PSAT, SAT, GPA? Also is it a competitive program to get into as people say it is? Thank you</p>


<p>Sorry about that ^^weird malfunctions. Anyways I went last summer and had a great experience. Not necessarily super competitive to get into in my pov because I applied last minute(but was a full pay applicant). I highly suggest it as it’s worth the $65 app fee. My GPA last year was about a 3.7 and while I haven’t taken the PSAT I have taken the SAT in which I scored a 2100</p>

<p>@confsuedonhades did better than most of my 11th grade class at my public school. the average was 1900ish for HONORS students.</p>

<p>Anyway I’m applying thanks to the lovely confusedonhades. Here’s what about me:
SSAT- 97th percently. 2300~ something don’t remember exact
Grades- 4.5~ GPA. Taking 15 college level classes, some at college and others as AP classes
EC’s- Board member for AABE (American Association of Buddhist Education). Docent for Duke Farms (nature conservancy) varsity tennis. country basketball free throw champion. new jersey’s state taekwondo sparring champion
Rec’s- glowing in the simplest adjective.
Sample graded writing- submitted my first essay of the year. If you want to read it, I can link the google docs.</p>

<p>Haven’t actually handed the stuff in yet so no acceptance letter</p>

<p>@PxAlaska Well I guess I can thank the College Board Review for that one haha</p>

<p>Yeah my friends did the collegeboard stuff too. This just exemplifies why private > public</p>

<p>I’ve found that those programs really like to seem so exclusive and hard to get into, but in reality aren’t at all.</p>

<p>These are just money makers for the schools. Most of the teachers are outside teachers. Just take summer classes at your local college, CC.</p>

<p>Could you link me to the Google docs?</p>

<p>I sent you a PM with all the links</p>

<p>JQuinn actually while I was there both of my teachers actually taught at Andover and were alums. Many people had teachers who had taught there once or were at least alums. While I agree it is a money maker for the school I still highly suggest going. The insight I received from other kids in my class who were from other countries is nothing like the experience I got at my local college. IMO my experience was better at Andover because I was living with these people, but everyone has different opinions.</p>

<p>Gotta agree with confusedonhades. I take classes at a college, but it is not the same as going to a boarding school. Moving past the quality of education variable, there are some things exclusive to a boarding school.</p>

<p>~Kids are your age
~Greater resources than a summer student at a college
~A sense of belonging
~Like-minded students (i.e. kids who want to learn and enjoy learning. Students who are also going through the pressure of college acceptances.)</p>

<p>Good things like this cost money.</p>

<p>Guys, is there any way to send in an application without sending it in by mail? I checked the website but I’m not so sure.</p>

<p>I scanned everything and emailed it because I didn’t want to miss the deadline anymore than I already have. <a href=“”></a>. However, they haven’t responded so I’m not sure if that’s allowed. If they reply asking for postal mail, I’ll do that.</p>

<p>How did you scan it? Did you scan it by yourself, or did you ask a school administrator/authority person to do it for you?</p>

<p>They gave me everything so I scanned it myself. Did you get my email?</p>

<p>Oh sorry, I saw the email. I didn’t see it earlier because of all the PSAT spam I get. Thank you very much for the help, I greatly appreciate it.</p>

<p>ME TOO! I have to check every single one and hit “unsubscribe” but it takes a long time. New colleges keep coming in. I smack my past self for checking “Send me school information!” during that test.</p>

<p>It does lead a person to wonder what college board’s intentions are in providing such an option on the PSAT. Arguably, it’s one of the less informed decisions I’ve made, darkening that oh so innocent bubble.</p>