Phillips Andover

Hi, I am a ninth grader applying to Phillips academy. (year 2022-2023)
and I’m currently a ninth-grader so ill be applying for tenth grade.

I currently go to a local middle school in Korea. yes, I’m Korean
Tho I lived five years (from 2nd~7th grade) abroad, and went to an international school.

First, The problem is that in Korea, we don’t take exams in 7th grade. This meaning I don’t have a transcript for 7th grade.
Will this affect me very much?
Tho, I have my transcripts from my previous school. (from an international school when I was studying abroad)
So, should I somehow submit my transcript from my previous school?

Second, My grades are all As except for PE from last semester.
I got a 79.
Since many people tell me this would affect me very much I am worried and also very curious at the same time if it would actually affect me very much.

Third, I have no plans of taking the SSAT. And I’m not sure if this is the right decision.

Last, I didn’t really do extracurricular activities.
I have been playing the piano for five years, I learned to swim and also started to play badminton after joining the school badminton club in seventh grade. (Though I am not in the club anymore)

And I am wondering if I have any chance of getting into Andover since I don’t see anything special about me…

++ Some advice and tips would be nice too.

Thank you so much for reading!!!

First off the candidate pool for places like where you’re from (China, Korea, Japan) basically Asian is extremely competitive and even people with the best stats can be rejected.

Not so sure about the 7th-grade transcript situation. Possibly if Andover were to get an explanation from your old school they’ll be understanding.

There are candidates with all A’s who get rejected from Andover however I do not believe a C will automatically make you an unfit candidate.

You have to see if Andover is planning to go test-optional again if not you do have to take the test. Not sure if they are.

Not doing extracurriculars will possibly be what hurts you the most (in my opinion) schools really want to see that you’re dedicated to something. Playing the piano is great but a lot of people do (would you say you’re really good?). A lot of people know how to swim do you do it as a sport that would be nice? During this summer you need to find a cause, what you’re truly passionate about. Try volunteering, practice your violin more. Do something that will make you stand out.

Last question: Do you really want to go to BS? If so there are so many other bs that are amazing. Andover is really competitive, you could add some other schools like Andover in terms of competitivity (Choate, Exeter, Deerfield and more) but please add safety schools there are so many great ones.
You also didn’t state if you need financial aid or if you’re full pay?

I guess you need to think on your advantages first and then worry about the disadvantages. Before asking opinions on no grade/no SSAT/no extracurricular, please ask yourself hard on what are your edges over peers and whether they are strong enough for Andover admission. If you have not built the confidence on your edges, asking for what would drag you down is irrelevant.

Oh, ill need financial aid.
And thank you so much for answering every single one of my answers.
it’s helping me a lot! :grinning:

I see
I’ll ask myself that question asap thank youu :grinning:

As an international student seeking FA, the odds aren’t in your favor. My recommendation would be to take either the SSAT or ISEE and do your best. This summer, practice the piano a lot. come time for applications, hopefully you can play a hard piece well. This can help you significantly. Learn how to write amazing essays. There are videos online that can help you come up with topics and tips when writing.

I’m not sure what to do about the 7th grade thing. If that’s normal in Korea, it shouldn’t harm you since you couldn’t do it.

Also, expand your list way beyond Andover. add schools like Kent, George, NMH, Mercersburg, etc. The hidden gems thread has so many amazing schools you can add!


You will be competing against a very skilled groups. Grades for several years will be required. I’d recommend taking the SSAT if available or another standardized test. Most of your peers will submit them. Also, expand your list of schools.

I’ll try to do them during summer.
And thank you so much for all the advice! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Okay, i’ll give it a try! Thank you. :grinning:

Oh Hi we are gonna be competing for spots but I’ll be giving genuine advice (I’m from china and also applying for G10 22-23.
Well first of all As are good, definitely (I mean sometimes I get Bs) but your percentage in grade is also important (like I have 7% but that’s probably not enough).
Secondly you need test. They might be test optional this year but students who studied less than 2 years abroad needs toefl (well I guess you won’t) but ssat is still strongly recommended.
Thirdly you need ECs (unless you are academically unbeatable like if you are IMO champion or SAT 1600 or something like that). Anything will do as long as you’ve done it for a long time.
Real competent. My additional suggestion is: interview is very important!

I’d actually say SAT 1600 would ne quite common with people that apply to boarding schools. Most BS, I’d guess, look more to the applicants than their academic stuff. Someone that had a perfect grade may as well be rejected because of their attitude…or something. So that unless part would really be a plus part not something that would guarantee a spot in a BS
(Note: I’m only an applicant, all the things I said may not be correct)

You would be wrong.

IMO is an EC. A 1600 will not be enough to get in with weak ECs.


Thanks for correcting me.

wait so if IMO counts as an EC then does ISO (international science olympics) counts as EC too? and what about other. competitions? (AMC, World Scholar’s Cup, Spelling Bee etc.

All are ECs.

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Oh i see
I get it!
Thank you so much and I wish you luck!
Hope we both get to go to Andover! :wink:

thx now I don’t have to worry about ECs, like totally, because I got a bunch of academic competitions