Philosophy/Nutrition for Pre-Med

<p>Do you guys think philosophy is a good major while taking pre-med (planning on becoming a doctor, D.O.) I am very interested in both Philosophy and Nutrition. Which one do u think will benefit me and help me on the MCAT. I am having a hard time choosing. thanks</p>

<p>Medical school admissions is all about numbers. Whatever gets you a higher gpa and mcat score will benefit you the most in becoming a doctor.
With that said, I think there are some stats out on the web that lists philosophy majors as being those who generally score high on the mcat. But with that said, like with any statistic, it doesn’t give the whole picture. Maybe those applying to medical school and majoring in philosophy are self selective, and thus are a minority, and generally as a whole score higher because of their interest in medical school.
Major in what will give you the highest gpa. Speaking from personal experience as a philosophy minor who was in the major, just be aware that your interests might change once you actually are taking classes. Philosophy upper division work is not like philosophy lower division or survey classes, or like anything you’ve read on your free time.</p>

<p>Ooh, those are the majors I’m thinking of for pre-med. Philosophy apparently helps in the MCAT because you’re taught to read deeply so that you do better on tests in general, but I’ve heard that nutrition is easy.</p>

<p>Yup, same here. Many have told me that philosophy majors tend to do better, especially for graduate school (med school) - critical reading skills. But that’s only for the verbal section on the MCAT (for the most part - probably helps with the passage reading in science sections too). Do you think that Nutrition can help with the biological and physical science sections. How about medical schools, is it true they look down upon nutrition majors? I don’t understand b/c nutrition majors take many science courses. Thanks</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know because I’m still in high school. The people who actually major in nutrition seem to recommend it though, even for medical school. I really don’t see why medical schools would look down upon nutrition majors. Nutrition majors possibly take more chemistry than physics classes though, so I think that nutrition would help more with biology and chemistry. </p>

<p>But then again, medical school requirements are only one year of physics, while one year of chemistry and another year of organic chemistry are required as well. So I think that nutrition would be pretty good preparation for the MCAT…</p>

<p>thank you kagami6918. That’s what i thought, anyone else?</p>