Phoenix Friday or Spring Orientation?

<p>My S was admitted EA to Elon and although he is still undecided (has 2 other options now and is waiting on several others) I think he will need to visit again in order to make a final decision.</p>

<p>Obviously, the Spring Orientation seems far more comprehensive and will probably give him a better "feel" for the school but is that weekend more for the kids that have already made their final decision and Phoenix Fridays are more for the kids that are still "deciding"?</p>

<p>Any insight is appreciated - thanks!</p>

<p>P.S. - I realize we must pay the deposit prior to enrolling in the Spring orientation - I will do that soon as it is fully refundable prior to May 1 - correct???</p>

<p>Hi - my take on it is that Phoenix Friday is for kids who are still deciding and Spring Orientation is for kids who plan to attend. My older son attended the Phoenix Friday program a few years back - nice program - they had him paired off for lunch with another male student in the same major. We will be attending the Spring Orientation with younger son in March - who is enrolling - seems more focused on that - things like taking their picture for the photo ID, an academic advising session - more comprehensive dorm tour - seems to be geared for kids who know they are attending Elon and need to start selecting courses and thinking about which dorms they prefer.</p>

<p>Thank you RVM - you are the best!</p>

<p>FYI....there were a bunch of kids at March Spring Orientation last year who were still uncertain about attending; but decided to pay the deposit until May 1st so that they could attend......</p>

<p>In fact, my D ended up keeping in touch with two girls who ended up attending other schools....</p>

<p>I've read multiple articles saying that "double depositing" is severely frowned upon by colleges, and that you should only make a deposit when you've decided that you will be definitely attending that school. Some colleges share the info with other colleges as to who made a deposit, so if you're still waiting to hear from a competing college, that could negatively impact your chances of getting into the other school. What are everyone's thoughts on this? It's tempting to make the deposit to Elon early (since it's fully refundable) but not if it will lead to other negative ramifications down the road. Is Elon the only school that has their orientation before the May 1st deposit deadline?</p>

<p>Double depositing only applies to the time AFTER May 1....</p>

<p>It is a common practice elsewhere to send an enrollment deposit to lock in preferential housing.....not considered taboo or double depositing.....</p>

<p>I have heard of other schools with spring orientation, but honestly can't name them off the top of my head....</p>

<p>Thank you all. I agree with Rodney - I assumed the double-deposit thing only applied after May 1. I think S2 will probably do a Phoenix Friday - he isn't saying much about his current acceptances, so unless something changes, I think a day with deciding students is probably best for now.</p>

<p>FYI - Book hotels early as they fill up on orientation days - especially Acorn Inn. Also, it's not too early to book for freshman move-in.</p>