phone development

<p>I am interested in designing phones preferably smart phone what major should i look at in college i was thinking compE or is there something more geared to what i want to do</p>

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<p>Check out my thread i asked a similar question.</p>

<p>I dont mean to be rude, I just can't understand why people make their decisions for their careers...for their WHOLE LIVES...just because one item like an iPhone is hot in the market right now. It doesn't make any sense!!</p>

<p>Yeah, seriously... I had never seen one these threads before a month or two ago and now I've seen 3 in the past month. I can't decide if that's good or bad (probably bad considering it sets people up for unrealistic expectations for what their jobs will entail; the hardware people at companies like Apple or Microsoft are typically the engineering elite).</p>

<p>This has nothing to do with the iPhone just a cuensidance I have written software for windows mobile in vb and have built Roms for win mo and android this post is caused by sat scores coming out today and me tying to figure out if they r good enough for college I have wanted to do this since wm6</p>

<p>If you're interested in hardware I would move away from apps and dabble in hardware some. For example, you may want to start experimenting with microprocessors using popular platforms such as Arduino or stamp. Making something neat with those will give you a big leg up in getting a job; far too many people think just going through the motions and doing well in school will get them in that top job.</p>