phone fee?

<p>Ah, just received the actual FA package, which isn't as nice as what was online, as those numbers represented last year's numbers for COA. However, I am wondering about the "phone line fee". What is that and is it required?</p>


<p>No, I don’t believe we paid a phone fee last year for my son. All the students have cell phones so no one uses the phone lines in the room.</p>

<p>How much worse is the actual FA package? I applied ED, and was wondering if there is any fluctuation between what I received then and now.</p>

<p>it’s about $2000 different… based on actual 2012-13 costs and the 2011-12 costs that were on the online FA offer… the amount offered is the same, it’s just that the costs went up.</p>

<p>The phone fee (telecommunications) is a required fee for all students that provides phone service in the colleges. As IBWarrior alluded to, no one really uses it since everyone just uses their cell phones, but it remains a required fee nevertheless. We’ll see how much longer that sticks around for.</p>