Phone Interview vs. Face-to-Face Interview?

<p>I usually get a bit nervous for interviews, but nothing too bad. However, when I think about my phone interview, I get the butterflies -- with jetpacks.</p>

<p>Is this more of an evaluative interview, or is it more of a casual conversation about my achievements and "why Columbia?"</p>

<p>Any advice/pointers will be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>I just had a phone interview with a senior interviewer yesterday. It was really casual. Though I was really nervous beforehand, as soon as we started talking I felt really calm. The fact that you get to be at home, I think, is a major advantage. I just kicked back ad relaxed in my chair while I was on the phone. It's a very casual conversation. They just want to get to know your personality. Be honest, be yourself and you'll do fine. Good luck. :)</p>

<p>Do they ask you "why Columbia?" or more about yourself?
Just curious because I have one coming up and if necessary, I want to have a solid answer for "Why Columbia?"</p>

<p>^No one can answer that question for you :)</p>