Phone Reception in Houston

<p>Anyone with an iPhone--</p>

<p>Is there good reception on campus and off, as judged by missed calls, dropped calls, and bar strength?</p>

<p>its mediocre. gets worse in the new buildings (mcm/dun). some people are ok with it and some hate it. My friend tossed his iPhone out after a while and got a droid, if that is worth anything.</p>

<p>AT&T is the worst carrier in houston by far though.</p>

<p>Cell</a> Phone Coverage Map in Houston, TX 77005 - Page 1 of 7 -</p>

<p>DS has AT&T and it works fine for a regular cell phone. Voice quality isn't particularly good, but I chock that up to his crappy phone, not the network....</p>

<p>T-Mobile has a lot worse reception than AT&T. Absolutely no bars with T-mobile in parts of Duncan/McMurtry, that I had to go outdoors in order to make a call or send a text. I switched in the middle of the year to AT&T and it wasn't as terrible.</p>

<p>My S had AT&T for the past 3 years and hated the reception. He had to go outside to make calls from his dorm. I think his phone was partially to blame, but he just switched to an EVO with Sprint so we'll see how it goes this year.</p>

<p>I have an evo too. it seems to be good in the rice area. (i live nearby still)</p>

<p>I would recommend Verizon or sprint (the former primarily, as I had that for 4 years at Rice and never had a dropped call even in the basements)</p>

<p>The link above has many ratings and compilations. It also shows the location of towers etc.</p>

<p>Yes, T-Mobile has absolutely no reception in Duncan/McMurtry, but I think that's largely because the main buildings are made of fairly thick cement and the commons of each one seems to essentially act as a Faraday cage.</p>

<p>I had trouble with Verizon at Lovett at the beginning of freshman year (probably because Lovett is also basically a giant Faraday cage), but I never had any problems after that.</p>

<p>I took my iPhone with me to Lovett during Vision, and I didn't have any problems, I used google maps to navigate the campus (Yes, I managed to get lost...multiple times) and my 3G Internet was fine. I didn't make a bunch of calls, but when I did it didn't seem any different to me than my call quality in San Antonio. I am very easy to please phone-wise though, and other iPhone users might have different opinions.</p>

<p>it seems that if you have an iphone, dont break contract and flee, but dont switch if you are with someone else.</p>

<p>also AT&T is capping data now, which is ridiculous. more ways for them to make money and keep the same crappy infrastructure</p>

<p>Wow, I never thought I'd see the day where Sprint is at the top of the list! I live in a place where Sprint service stinks, and I'll be glad to have better service from Sprint in Houston.</p>

<p>LOL simplyjuil!! DS had sprints when at Rice (he now has AT&T I phone but isnt in Houston anymore) but when he had sprint he didnt report any problems.</p>

<p>yeah. I made the switch from Verizon to Sprint and have not been disappointed yet. While driving out of Htown, I lost 4G/3G for a little while while Verizon had their service. </p>

<p>Its not bad in the city, but Verizon still has the best coverage by far, imo</p>