Phone services in Pomona?

<p>I have an at&t phone from my exchange year in America. But from what I have heard and read on this forum, Verizon works best in the area. Correct me if I am wrong.</p>

<p>I don't care that much about texting or calling people and I will mostly call my parents in China via skype, but I would like a phone that can get me on internet whenever I want.</p>

<p>So should I switch to verizon or keep att? (my att phone is on a family plan with my uncle's family in New Jersey and no internet service is available.)</p>

<p>Also should I get a pre-paid phone + itouch or an iphone/3g smartphone?</p>

<p>Is the data package very expensive? I dont want my phone bill to be too big~</p>

<p>Which way will be cheaper?</p>

<p>I don't know much about American phone services so it will be so wonderful if anyone can be so kind to help me out and explain a little bit about getting a phone and signing a contract! Thank you so much!!</p>

<p>Hi siyao:</p>

<p>Have you checked out this thread?</p>

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<p>As you can see in the referred thread every provider has their fans and enemies. Our family is on Verizon which probably has the best overall Southern California coverage. However when I am at Pomona I connect to the internet using WiFi on my cell phone. Usually it is faster than the 3g connection and if your are on a measured plan you are not using data credits. As an aside my wife has a Metro PCS phone she uses for work and it works fine in Claremont. For 40 dollars a month, all fees and taxes included, she gets unlitmited web(though not the full rich html you are used to), email, texts, and nationwide calls (you can add international). The phone was free and there is no contract. If you want to use a cell connection for web access probably the best deal for the money. The downside much more limited coverage area than the big carriers. You will also not get the experience of an advanced iPhone or android device. Enjoy your time in Claremont!</p>

<p>I have verizon (switched from T-Mobile just because of Pomona). I have not really experienced much trouble, but it really depends which dorm your in, and where in the dorm. Many people have ATT as well and I think it works pretty well for them too.</p>

<p>For American cell phone plans- I have a "family plan" that includes all the members of my family (we share 700 prime-time minutes), which means that we share 700 minutes a month for calls that are either not after 9pm, not on weekends, or not to another verizon phone. I do not have a data plan because I do not have the need to use the internet on my phone. I also have unlimited texting, and I highly recommend a texting plan, especially for college.</p>

<p>Best of luck at Pomona!</p>