Photo books

<p>Who has used a photo website such as Shutterfly or flickr to make photo books?
I have a bunch of pictures and would like to eventually make a photo book of her plebe year. I went to R-day and got over 100 pictures. I plan on going to the Marchback, A-day, two or three football games, PPW and hopefully get some pictures that she eventually takes when she gets her camera.
I think I would like it to be scrapbook size - Shutterfly has a 12"x12" size and I am thinking I could even scan in some documents and upload them as photos. Not sure about that one, actually. Perhaps I have to take pictures of the documents.
So - If you guys have done this I would appreciate any and all tips, including which photo website you use etc.</p>

<p>I have used Shutterfly and Snapfish with good results in the past. I have made books 4"x6" size from Snapfish the last two years to give to the grandmas for Christmas - pictures of what the family did the last year. We scanned in school pictures and letters and were able to upload them onto the site as long as they were jpeg files. I just recently used Shutterfly to make a card with a collage of pictures of my D for her high school graduation announcement and have gotten alot of comments on how nice and unique it was. I think the 12" x 12" size would work nicely as long as you don't have to enlarge the pictures too much. I did find that when I cropped pictures and enlarged them, some of them didn't look as nice. I'm not sure of Shutterfly, but Snapfish would warn me if the picture wasn't going to be of great quality due to my alterations to it. Now that you mentioned it though, I'll have to go into Shutterfly and look at their scrapbook size pictures - can you put several on the same page? And add writing, like in a scrapbook - that would be great!</p>

<p>Thanks - my photos are on snapfish - that is where I saw the photo books. I like the 12"x12" size and will probably be able to fit two to three photos on the page - I think you can do that.
My daughter has shutterfly and I put my pics up there as well since you can send them to Target from your computer to print.
They are kind of expensive and I don't want to fork over the money if it isn't worth it.
Do you know - can I start the scrapbook now with pictures that I have and save it - adding to it throughout the year?</p>

<p>I think you can. When I used Snapfish, the site let me keep all my "albums" as long as I ordered something once a year (not a problem since I was giving albums to family members each year for Christmas). They also warn you when you are getting close to your year. However, you may have to do an intial order to get to that point - even ordering one picture (I think I just got a offer from Snapfish for 1 cent prints - I wonder if you can use that offer - I'll send it to you when I get home from work this afternoon). I think you can also print Snapfish photos at CVS. I liked Snapfish's editing abilities more than Shutterfly - I started using Shutterfly because my son's school sells gift cards for it, but I noticed that they have already deleted my album from June, so I may go back to Snapfish. Also, if you dring alot of Coke products & save the reward points, you can get some Snapfish prints with them - I'm not sure if they will work towards a scrapbook though (my husband is keeping track of all that).</p>

<p>On an MAC you do books within IPhoto - upload to Apple and book arrives in about a week. I have done 3 books and also use it for my Christmas cards. The company that Apple subcontracts to is MyPublisher which has PC software available on their website. <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>The quality of their books is very good.</p>