Photo for application?

<p>hey everyone! i'm in the process of submitting my application (online) for EA Fall '11, and came across the photo section. it suggests uploading a picture, but I would like to know whether or not anyone else submitted one. would it come off weird or pretentious at all? could it in anyway hurt my chances by submitting/not submitting one?</p>


<p>Send in naked photo -> Automatic acceptance</p>

<p>Just kidding. I’m sure whatever you choose, it’ll have no impact at all. And I’ve never personally heard of submitting a photo for a college application, unless you’re interested in modeling school or something.</p>

<p>I submitted one with my application, and I got in. It can’t hurt?</p>

<p>thanks for responding!</p>

<p>haha calvinTBOD. i don’t wish that horror upon anyone!</p>

<p>yeah, still not sure. leaning towards not submitting one.</p>

<p>also, another question for anybody: is 3,000 words too long for the autobiographical essay? i keep trying to cut it down, but i want everything in there to be addressed.</p>

<p>thanks again!</p>

<p>a sense of someone’s appearance would unavoidably contextualize my reading of his or her autobiography. i’d be able to clearly picture the person as i read his/her story when before i would have had to conjure my own image based on the candidate’s ethnicity, gender, personal associations with the name or past schools, and really any number of other factors. although this difference could conceivably subconsciously influence an admissions decision–the readers might have more empathy for an applicant’s struggles, for example, if he was noticeably, just unavoidably unattractive (and for my sake let’s hope so) even if they weren’t actively setting out to evaluate his or her looks–i seriously doubt the nature of an applicant’s appearance, unless in conflict with the reported race, is material to the admissions decision. could not having one could be perceived as avoidant and in its own way harmful to the candidate? also conceivable, but i really doubt it. as a reader, though, placing a face to these anonymous autobiographies would definitely be interesting, whether or not in any sense that’s relevant to a consideration of the application. i often am kind of curious about what authors ive read look like.</p>

<p>the whole thing definitely is a source of anxiety as an applicant. idk what im gonna do when i apply next year. probably wont send one unless i find a picture i for some reason really like</p>

<p>lots of good points fm93. thanks!</p>

<p>Here is my 2 cents, for what it is worth. :slight_smile: (I’m also applying EA for Fall 2011)</p>

<p>Most definitely put in a picture. There is only one part of the application I recall where it says “This will not affect the Admissions decision” and that is when asked which schools you are applying for. If a part says it is optional, it means you do not have to. But if they really did not care, then the option would not have been made available. :slight_smile: Beyond that, there are 2 reasons in particular I highly recommend attaching one:</p>

<p>1) The military uses a similar process for officer promotions, requiring a picture of the candidate. They want to place a face to the record and get a better feel for the person. Not to mention the image of you is only part of it, you can use the background to your advantage as well. For example, your essay paints you the world traveling type: Put in a picture of you at the Louve in Paris, or at the Senate Ruins in Rome. Perhaps you played up the fact you (random example here) may be a single parent with 3 kids. Have a picture with you as the focus and your kids with books in the background. In short, an image can pull your entire package together instead of a blank page which is worth nothing. (Picture are worth a thousand words!)</p>

<p>2) If you went to, or plan to go to one of the Information Meetings that Columbia is passing around the country you have the opportunity to make a direct impression on an admissions officer that will be looking at YOUR package you are submitting. If you make a positive, knowledgeable impact and submit your package with a picture then the admission officer will see your picture and say, “hey, I remember that guy! He seemed pretty excited/interested in GS…”</p>

<p>In short: DO IT! (lol)</p>

<p>Edit: I almost forgot to add regarding your essay. One very important thing we learned in the military: Attention to detail is critical. You will notice after looking through the application it states to respond with an autobiographical essay from 1500-2000 words. To me that says they want exactly between that much, no more no less. (Who wants to bet they actually run a word counter to see if the person did that? lol)</p>

<p>Hope that helps :)</p>

<p>thanks J445! lots of good points. i already submitted my app last night – no picture though. i saw that a decent amount of people got in with 2,500+ words. i was thinking of splitting my essay into the 1,500 -2,000 word essay and the 500 word optional essay, but it all flows together so well. GS seems to be extemely forgiving, so we’ll have to wait and see. i can definitely say it’s a big relief to finally submit that thing!</p>

<p>I hear you there, still working on my essay lol! Good luck :)</p>

<p>Good Luck to all of you! I look forward to seeing your posts with “I GOT IN”!
It is April now and the responses should be coming out soon!</p>

<p>Does anyone know what kind of photo do they want? Like the format of the photo. I have a picture on my phone that I believe be a good choice, but if I use that one can I just print it out or do Columbia GS want a passport like photo?</p>

<p>I’m curious about this too. What kind of picture is optimal?</p>

<p>I included a casual photo, definitely not passport acceptable. I thought it embodied my personality plus I was wearing my AIr Force uniform which I think also added to my app. I was accepted for last fall and deferred for this fall.</p>

<p>I’m totally gonna to it now. I can only help. I was just going to include one of my nicer looking Facebook photos. A Close up photo. </p>